In addition to coaching, I am very pleased to offer the following powerful life changing and exciting workshops.


Inner Bonding® Workshops, based on the teachings of psychologists Dr Margaret Paul & Dr Erik Chopich, that teach a revolutionary 6 step process that will help heal your fears and false beliefs and allow you to gain emotional freedom and create more loving relationships. Learn to:

  • Heal fears and false beliefs that limit you in your life.
  • Heal caretaking, abandonment, anger and control issues that sabotage relationships.
  • Gain the knowledge and tools to continue the deep healing of lifelong wounds.
  • Gain emotional freedom and independence.

The one day workshop gives participants an overview of the 6 step process of Inner Bonding®.

The three day Inner Bonding® workshop/intensive teaches the 6 step process of Inner Bonding as well as the dialoging processes.  Each participants gets to practice the Inner Bonding process in a safe, intimate and caring environment.  In this workshop you will learn how to connect with your “Inner Child” and your personal source of Spiritual Guidance.

More information about Inner Bonding®.


The Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams workshops, based on based on the work of Louise L. Hay, have been attended by thousands of people worldwide and help participants to:

  • Address four aspects of self: body mind, spirit and emotions
  • Develop awareness of negative beliefs
  • Release old emotions
  • Love themselves more fully
  • Practice techniques for changing their lives.

More information about Heal Your Life workshops.

Upcoming events and workshops

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