Feedback from the wonderful people I meet is valuable and welcomed. Here are words from workshop attendees.

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Debbie is a warm and compassionate healer. Her knowledge of the Inner Bonding process makes it safe for these inner children to express. Session-by-session, I'm developing a relationship with these denied aspects of self. I am becoming free of the futile cycle of seeking emotional nourishment from others. I am already seeing practical results in my relationships. I feel hopeful for the first time in years!

Dean C., Los Angeles

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Truly amazing! I have felt a huge shift with in me. I now have the tools to make beautiful, positive changes in my life. Thanks Deb for giving me the love and safe place I needed to change my life!

Michelle H., Victoria Australia

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Debbie is an amazingly gifted lady. The workshop enabled me to become very clear about my inner and external boundaries and learn how to stand in my own power.

Andrea I., Gold Coast Australia

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The workshop was amazing, it has given me the tools to help heal my life, set boundaries and feel peace inside. Thanks Deb for your love and guidance, it has been truly life changing.

Glendys, NSW, Australia

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Deb is a warm, genuinely caring soul who will help you find the way through any of your challenges by reminding you to listen to your little voice inside. I am endlessly grateful to her for sharing her light with me on my path to being the balanced and happy person I can be.

Evelyne S., Zurick, Switzerland

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I found this workshop very intense. By the end of the workshop I felt very light as though a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Sharmilla L., Sydney, Australia

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I was amazed at the process and the simplicity of the 6 steps of Inner Bonding. The results were great and I was in awe of Deb's intuition and insight into everyone's needs and her amazing talent for tapping into the issues and taking us all into a deeper level.

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Your depth of wisdom was invaluable Deb. Thank you for an amazing 3 days
Angela W., ACT, Australia

A must for anyone to find that missing building block in their life
Mellisa M., Queensland, Australia

Amazing breakthrough! A real connection to part of me that I didn't realize existed
Manfred G., ACT Australia

Very powerful! Eye opening. Learn how to fight the demons of your past and embrace the future you deserve
Kylie B., Brisbane, Australia

I found the person I lost years ago. The HYL workshop was priceless!
Clorinda B., Gold Coast, Australia

An amazing experience! Deb is truly gifted at what she teaches. I highly recommend this for anyone who truly wants to move forward in their life.
Karren H., Upper Coomera, Australia

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