Struggling with Divorce?????

Are you feeling…………

Stuck in the emotional despair of divorce?

Broken hearted?

Fear about the future?

Ashamed or like a failure?

Lost and confused?

Like you don’t know where to turn to for support?
If so, my heart goes out to you I know how difficult it is because I’ve been there . I remember wanting to just go to sleep for six months or so and wake up when it was all over. The unfortunate reality is that many people get caught in a vicious divorce battle that destroys their children, their finances and their emotional health. Divorce can have lasting, residual, negative effects if you do nothing… OR, you can learn how to transcend the emotional and logistical turbulence that is so common in the divorce process.

Divorce is a pivotal moment in a person’s life. It can be the start of a downward spiral into self-pity, anger and loneliness, or it can mark the beginning of a new, more authentic, confident and powerful self. You can reclaim your joy and live the life you desire and deserve I know because I did it! For me life after divorce has never been better and I know it can be for you as well.

So you are probably asking, “What is a divorce coach and how can one help me?”

A divorce coach:

  • is a skilled professional, trained to manage a wide variety of emotions and issues that arise during divorce. That can help you heal the pain and rebuild your life.
  • helps you make informed decisions about your parenting, lifestyle, family, and social interactions.
  • provides a safe environment to explore feelings of anger, guilt, fear, sadness and frustration and helps you manage the emotional rollercoaster divorce brings..
  • will help you reconstruct emotional boundaries when dealing with your ex-spouse.
  • through self discovery will help you learn from your current and past situation.
  • will help you create the balance between divorce and moving on with life.
  • assists you with redefining the “new single you” and how to create a brighter, happier, more fulfilling and abundant future.

Divorce is a difficult time that sometimes makes it tough to know where to turn for help. You do not have to go through this alone!

As a life and relationship coach I specialize in coaching people through the complexities of the divorce process and as a divorce survivor myself, I know from real life experience…..the pain you are going through or have experienced. I can help you as I have many others transcend it, so that once again you feel that fabulous sense of joy, passion and abundance in your life. And you’ll have fun while doing it!

As your divorce coach we will work together on strategies to lessen the conflict, work through the painful emotions and learn techniques that will heal the hurt, anger and sadness. I can show you how. It worked for me, hundreds of others and it will work for you, no matter how messy and hopeless your life seems right now. When I share with you the secrets of looking within yourself, and how to move beyond your current situation you will step into a place of personal power that once unleashed…. changes everything. This is where miracles begin.

Are You Ready to:

Move beyond the painful emotions of divorce and create a more peaceful, confident and fulfilling life? If so one of the first steps I’d like to share with you is my free report titled, “Breakup Survival”. This report contains powerful information about getting through a painful breakup that will help you begin to get back on track to having more peace, joy, happiness and contentment in your life.

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Deb Klugger is a Holistic Life and Relationship Coach helping people recover from the drama and trauma of life so that they can have the relationship of their dreams. Deb works with clients and conducts workshops domestically as well as internationally, via phone and Skype and in person. Visit her website @