In addition to conducting workshops, I am a life coach with a passion to help individuals and groups through life’s challenges, to overcome the past, and to move into a more positive and fulfilling future.

I can serve as your divorce coach and show you how to come out the other side stronger and better.

A powerful aspect of coaching is helping you reprogram yourself, to change ineffective locked in behavior patterns.

About Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

If your brain is a lock, Neuro Linguistic Programming is the key for creating change in your life. Whether you want to eliminate negative behaviors or limiting beliefs and decisions, NLP is the tool to get it done.

NLP means using language (or communication) to reprogram the neurology of the brain.

Throughout our childhood, we learn our behaviors from members of our family, our friends, our society, and the media. When a behavior is learned, it is like water running down a hillside. As a behavior is given repetition, it becomes stronger, just like water running down a hillside creates a rut. Soon that behavior runs so deep, that it is almost mechanical.

The problem comes when we reach a point in our lives where a situation calls for a different behavior other than the ones that we have learned. We may ‘know’ what it is we need to do, but because our behaviors run so deep, we find it nearly impossible to change.

Using technologies developed from NLP, we have the capability to drop a huge boulder into your neural ruts and create new effective behaviors that will allow you to create what you want out of life.