My Journey

 I was just four years old when my 30 year old father died from cancer.  My childhood was greatly impacted by that devastating loss.  At an already distressful time, my life was further burdened by an abusive and alcoholic stepfather. As often happens when our childhood wounds go unattended or unhealed, history repeats itself.  So as it goes, after 20 years of marriage I found myself forced to divorce a man whom I loved deeply but he had that had developed into an alcoholic with many demons and a shocking secret.  Eventually, these people became my greatest teachers. I felt the culmination of years of sorrow, sadness, abandonment and was at the depth of despair when I came to the sudden realization that change comes only by choice. I could therefore choose to get bitter or choose to get better. Thankfully, I chose better.

My strong interest in personal growth and healing lead me to participate in a life changing workshop which introduced me to the six steps of Inner Bonding created by Dr. Margaret Paul .   After completing the workshop and practicing the Inner Bonding steps I recognized it as an amazing process. One that not only brought me incredible healing but that could help others heal as well.

Over the next ten years I became totally committed to my healing and personal growth. Studying and practicing Inner Bonding, NLP (neuro-linguistic programing), and EFT(emotional freedom technique) in addition to other modalities, I began to experience the fabulous feelings of wholeness, joy and happiness that had been so elusive. In the process I was able to gain an amazing sense self confidence and personal power that I had never dreamed possible. Like many others, I found that as a direct result of my healing and growth I became a better mother , with deeper and healthier friendships and relationships than I had ever experienced. My professional life flourished and I grew to become a successful and respected businesswoman and an income that exceeded my wildest expectations.

 As I moved into profound gratitude for my new life, I became passionate about helping others who also have struggled with life’s many challenges. Whether trying to heal after divorce, improve one’s personal relationships, or even build a business, there is nothing like mentoring from a trained life coach who has personally experienced and triumphed over some of the same issues that you face.

My greatest passion next to helping people recover from and improve their relationships is travel. The adventure of world travel is continually calling my name. It is not unusual to find me diving the Great Barrier Reef or zip lining over rain forests in Australia, people watching on the streets of Paris or, parasailing over Acapulco Bay. I am grateful for my travels and even more so for this grand life journey of which I have embarked. While it has been a tumultuous one it as led me to tremendous growth, healing, joy and happiness. I believe your journey can too.

Qualifications & Experience

    * Graduate of Bryant & Stratton     * Certified NLP Life Coach

     * Trained in Emotional Field Therapy    * Inner Bonding facilitator

     * Certified Louise Hay “Heal Your Life” Workshop facilitator   

    * Successful entrepreneur, business owner and bank director

     *Member of Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapists